Are you Ready to Dive Deeper into Tantra? 

Are you looking for ways to deepen your exploration of conscious sexuality, self-love, harmonious relating and spiritual expansion?


Join one of our online Immersion Tantra courses and take your intimate life to the next level.


Secrets of Tantric Intimacy


How to build the connections you long for.

This course covers what you need to know about making connection, conscious dating, deepening a current relationship and how to bring a tantric touch to all of your connections with others.

The Tantric Couple

Webinar Bundle


A full In-Depth Exploration of Couple's Tantra by 24 LiveTantra Teachers

For any couples who wish to deepen their relationships using Tantra, this bundle has enough classes to keep your going for weeks, or even months! Communication, trauma-healing, rituals, massage, pleasure guidance, tantric breathwork and more...

Journey into Tantric Love-Making


The course for couples who want to explore tantric love-making together. 

This 8-week journey is a step-by-step exploration designed for couples who want to experience their intimacy through different portals. Participate in couple's practices which give you many ways to connect and take these practices into your love-making. 

Relationship Tantra


Let Relationship become your Perfect Teacher.

Whether you are in a relationship or wanting to be in one, this course will teach you how to navigate the realm of relationships so they become your greatest teacher, not through separation or conflict, but rather through self-responsibility, self-love, opening to pleasure and knowing your worth.


Call in Your King


Are you Ready to Call in Your King? 

Clear energy from past relationships and your childhood conditioning, in order that you can meet a partner without carrying the limitations from the past. This symposium is a comprehensive set of classes and practices to empower you deep into self-love, healing the heart from the past, creating next-level relationships and attracting in partners who resonate with your higher self.​

Tao Tantric Arts for Women 


Learn from Tao Tantric Arts Teachers from all over the World! 

Heal wounds with our sexuality, our bodies and our hearts and they also give us vehicles for expansion, awakening the energy body. ​

The Orgasmic Woman


Every single woman can learn how to have an orgasmic sex life. 

This includes not only the famous clitoral orgasm, but also the G-spot, A-spot, cervical, and nipple orgasms. The clitoral orgasm is just the tip of the ice berg!

The secret to becoming more orgasmic is in receiving education about real pleasure in our bodies...This online program is designed to give you all you need to expand your orgasmic potential.

G-Spot Bliss


In this online course you’ll dive into the inner world of your vagina, and with a blend of cutting-edge science and ancient Tantra, you can learn everything you need to know to open up into

 G-spot and squirting orgasms.


The Tantric Hero's Journey


Join our team of Tantra Teachers and Men's Work specialists on a journey of healing, transformation and empowerment for men.

  • Working with sexual fantasies with tantric practices.
  • Transforming porn and sex addiction.
  • Awakening sexual energy
  • Conscious self-pleasure meditations
  • Tantric sublimation skills
  • Healing with the feminine (within and without)
  • Embracing the Dark Masculine.
  • Learning to be a tantric lover.
  • Tantric breathwork sessions.
  • Tao Tantric Arts for men.
  • Creating next-level relationships.


The Female Orgasms

(for men)

Every man needs to know how his lover's body actually works! This online course offers the sex education that you never got at understanding of the anatomy of pleasure, arousal and orgasm in a woman's body. Become a master lover with these teachings and guidance.


From Trauma to Tantra


Unresolved trauma can really feel as if it blocks our ability to relate or to enjoy our sexuality without getting triggered. This course is deigned to support you through your trauma-healing process. Whether alone, or in a partnership, this course teaches you to understand trauma better and gives you tools to heal.

Sacred Yoni Massage


Learn how to heal the yoni (vagina) throught touch and massage.

The pelvic floor muscles can be weakened due to childbirth, lack of training, age, or hormonal changes. They can also be tensed due to stress, trauma, emotional imbalances, or the incorrect practice of Kegel exercises. This course teaches you about the pelvic area in women and guides you through an entire massage sequence for de-armouring and healing.

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Sacred Sexuality


​Transform your Love Life!

Sacred Sexuality is a ground-breaking course that will transform your current experience of sexuality and pleasure beyond mere performance and genital-based gratification, to a whole-being openness where sexual energy can pulsate through your entire body. Learn how sexual energy is a healing modality that brings awakening, power and aliveness to every aspect of your life – in and out of the bedroom.


Light on the Chakras


Gain a Tantric Understanding of Chakras

This is a 3-module introductory course that will give you a complete and holistic understanding of the chakra system in Tantra, including where the system came from, practices to activate the different chakras, and how to use this system in your daily spiritual practice and healing.

The Kabbalah of Love


What can The Kabbalah teach us about Sacred Sexuality?

Former rabbi and Kabbalah scholar Ohad Pele shares his decades of studying and teaching the depths of Kabbalah with humour, clarity and great wisdom. Today an international facilitator of Sacred Sexuality, Ohad Pele brings together the gems of spirituality, sexuality and Kabbalah! 

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Sex, Money, Power


The energies of Sex, Money and Power are extremely potent and sought-after within our society. However, not everyone is ready to face the self-responsibility required to manifest and embody these powerful energies successfully. Are you prepared to become very honest with your desires, as well as having the courage to face any fears or sabotaging beliefs that are blocking you from where you want to be in life? Then this is for you.

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