December 10, 11, 12 + unlimited replays

All you need to know to enhance your sexual experience

Meet the Speakers

International teaches on Tantra, Relationships and Sexuality

Symposium Features

LiveTantra Symposiums are created as a whole experience, as close to a real Tantra Festival as is possible online!! Here are some of our special features:

  • Step-by-Step Journey

    Our classes are not just random! We carefully curate a series of classes, with one leading to the next, to take you on a journey. Friday will be for opening and intentions. Saturday and Sunday we discover the wounds and work with healing tools.

  • Replays for 7 Days

  • Held Sharing Circles

    Between every few classes we host a held-space sharing circle. This will be held by one of our facilitators, and will include group sharing and smaller breakout rooms. None of the sharing circles are recorded so it feels extra safe.

  • International Teachers

    At LiveTantra we bring together teachers from all over the world. This brings a range of perspectives and styles, so you can receive Tantra teachings in many flavours!

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