Recommended Books on Tantra

These are our pick of books on Tantra, Tao and related topics. Each book reviewed to give you an idea of what we feel the book will bring you, who it is best for and what you can expect from it.





Shashi Solluna

This book is designed as an all-in-one book on Tantra.


It starts with a brief look at the history of Tantra, and a dive into the major philosophies in this system. It also explains what you can expect from a workshop, different styes of Tantra and different daily practices. Shashi explains how older systems of Tao and Tantra have woven together with psychotherapy to develop the "Neo-Tantra" of these times.


The second part of the book is a guide to your own journey of self-development and spiritual growth using Tantra. Unlocking your shadows around sexuality and your desire to release blocked energy and free yourself into a more authentic expression of yourself.

Summary: A Book to Carry You Through Your Journey in Tantra



Margot Anand

This book is a wonderful guidebook for couples to explore Tantra. Margot Anand shares many of the practices from her workshops in SkyDancing Tantra, with illustrations, so that any couple can start to integrate Tantra into their lives.


Margot was one of the first to bring Tantra to the Western world, so this book is also important historically.


Easy to read and to follow to bring Tantra into your lives. 

Summary: Ideal for Couples Who Want to Learn Tantra



Minke de Vos

Minke de Vos is a teacher with over 30 years' experience in the Tao Tantric Arts. This book is a complete practice guide for women to learn the sexual arts from this system.


With this book you will be guided into all of the main practices of energy cultivation and healing, such as Taoist Breast Massage, Yoni Articulation and Jade Egg Practices. 


This set of practices can be used for healing from sexual trauma, support for healing reproductive illnesses, boosting fertility, cultivating sexual energy, circulating sexual energy, building spiritual power and opening the heart.

Summary: A Comphrehensive Practice Guide for Women to Learn Tao Tantric Arts



Lorin Roche

This book is a poetic translation of the ancient Tantra Text, the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. This is a superb way to get connected to some of the roots of Tantra, whilst gaining an experience of the teachings.


As you read, you will fall into the different meditations through opening your heart to the poetry. The words want to be absorbed deeply, and given space and time to feel into.


Keep a copy by your bed to read to your lover after love-making...

Summary: Tantric Poetry for a Direct Transmission



Susan Piver

This book is an absolute must for anyone dealing with a break-up or still processing emotions from a past break-up.


Susan Piver combines deep Buddhist wisdom with contemporary psychology, and helps you to work on forgiveness and letting go, learning lessons, developing new boundaries ad values and healing the raw pain of heartbreak.


One of the most valuable books of all time. 

Summary: Essential Guide for Healing Heartbreak



Barbara Carrellas

This book is designed for modern Tantrics, hence the name "Urban Tantra". Barbara Carrellas writes in an alive and juicy way, blending modern sexual exploration and Tantric methods.


The gift of this book is to share the essence of modern Tantric Practice for those looking to develop more meaningful sexual experiences.

Summary: Integrate Tantric Principles into your Sex Life



Mantak Chia et al

This book is THE handbook for Taoist Sexual Arts. Mantak Chia was the man who brought these practices and teachings to the Western world and this book is a collaboration to introduce it in an easily-digestable way. With understandings of prolonging sex through ejaculation control, and instead raising the sexual energy up into the "Micro Cosmic Orbit".


There are also the Multi Orgasmic Woman and the Multi Orgasmic Man as separate handbooks for each gender.


Note: the MultiOrgasmic series are books to replace Mantak Chai's older books, and are way easier to read and understand than the orginals.

Summary: Everything your Need to Know About Taoist Sexual Arts




This book is a classic in the Tantra titles. Written by Osho (Rajneesh) from India, the guru who brought Tantra back into its modern-day rebirth. Osho was the first to weave ancient teachings together with modern psychotherapy, so that the individual could work on the level of their humanity as well as spirituality.


Much of this work is the foundation of what is taught globally today. Therefore, to read Osho is a very solid foundation for your initiation into Tantra.


His books are a transcription of live talks, and this you recieve a true transmission of his teachings.



Summary: Transmission from the Founder of Neo Tantra



Ohad Pele

This book is a fictional novel, but also could be considered to be channeled. Based in Israel, winding between different times in history. This book is a story takes us to the days when there were priestesses...with intricately described scenes of sexual-spiritual rituals and magic. You could almost be right there as you read.


Ohad Pele used to be a Rabbi himself, now a Sexual Shamanic facilitator, and you can feel his own experience through the pages.


This book is an absolute page turner. It is one of those books you just cannot put down. It will move you, touch you, excite you and awaken you.


Summary: A Page-Turner Novel to Carry you into Sacred Sexual History

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