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Live Life. Live Tantra.

Would you like more connection in your life? Do you yearn for deeper intimacy with your partner? Would you like more meaningful relationships with your friends and family? And how about finding an inner connection to yourself?


Building a better relationship with your body, your pleasure, your senses, your energy, and the world around you... Tantra offers meditations, philosophies and practices that help us to explore these questions and find a deeper connection to life.


LiveTantra brings you trustworthy tantra, all in one place.


What We Offer

  • Masterclasses to learn the basics of Tantra from many different renowned facilitators.

  • Online Courses for a deeper dive into many aspects of love, intimacy and spiritual growth.

  • Live Events streamed classes and symposiums, a chance to interact with global tantra teachers as well as other community members.

  • Tantra Community meet others who are walking the path of self-development and growth through Tantra.

Tools To Help You Live Life More Fully

Tantric practices are all about clearing the blocks and patterns that keep us small, and that hold us back from our full potential. As we practice Tantra, we open up to more of life, allowing more of our true creative expression.

  • Tantric Yoga is about opening your body up so that life force can flow freely through you, making you feel open, radiant and alive

  • Sexual Vitality Qigong are practices from Taoism that focus on breath and energy, to learn to cultivate and circulate the sexual energy.

  • Tantric Breathwork releases emotional blocks, so that you can become unstuck and feel more authentic.

  • Relationship Coaching From neo-Tantra we have a wealth of knowledge about resolving conflict and creating a conscious relationship.

  • Couples' Rituals create sacred space with your partner, practice energy exchange, synchronized breathing and deep honouring of each other.

  • Tantric Touch Learn how to move energy in your partner's body through different types of touch.

What is LiveTantra all about?


Finding Your Way

  • Join our Online Community

    Create a profile on our online community and share something about yourself. Then you can browse articles and posts, and find other tribe members in your area.



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    Sign up for our Weekly LoveLetter

    Once a week we send a love-letter and video to your inbox, sharing a new theme each time. We call it "Tantra for the Weekend". We will also let you know about any up-coming live events. Sign up here.

  • Jump into our Masterclasses

    The first step to learn Tantra is to join a few masterclasses and begin to learn more about different aspects of Tantra. We have a special "Begin here" Tantra Foundations Masterclass to help you find your way. You can choose one by one, or get annual Unlimited Access to all masterclasses.



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    Join a LiveTantra Online Course

    Dive deeper into your tantric journey by signing up for one of our Online Courses. These take you to the next level on your path as they are deep immersions. Check out the options.

What People Are Saying

“For someone just entering the field, I was blown away by so many amazing instructional videos and wealth of knowledge. From basics around tantra, to exercises for myself, to partner work. I'm so excited to get through more of these.

Marc Anthony


“I'm so amazed at this streaming site with many teachers with experience and knowledge of Tantra and useful guided practices for really affordable prices. I like the down to earth nature of the teachers.”


LiveTantra Live Events

LiveTantra has become known for its live events...this is where the classes and the teachers meet. Dive in for a whole weekend of talks, practices, sharing circles and concerts to really immerse deeper into your transformational journey.

What makes our live events different?

Curated content... from start to finish.

LiveTantra carefully screen each and every teacher. Therefore you can trust that the teachers you will learn from are well-trained, have their own regular practice, and are not abusive in the Tantra world. We really care about who we represent...we have done the research, so you don't have to!


LiveTantra plan the class content with our presenters. Yup. We don't just invite a teacher and sit back. We chat with them about the topic, we find out their unique teaching gifts and angles. Sometimes we even help them with their Powerpoint presentation or class plan. We get involved.


LiveTantra place all the classes in order. We carefully plan the classes into an order that will carry you on a journey from start to end. We consider what comes first, and what would follow on well. We think about balancing talks, practices and experiences. And then we add sharing circles so that you get a chance to integrate all that you are learning.

LiveTantra Symposium Features

LiveTantra Symposiums are created as a whole experience, as close to a real Tantra Festival as is possible online!! Here are some of our special features:

  • Step-by-Step Journey

    Our classes are not just random! We carefully curate a series of classes, with one leading to the next, to take you on a journey. Friday will be for opening and intentions, Saturday is about self love and Sunday about loving others.

  • Replays for 7 Days

    If you liked a class and want to watch it again, or if you missed one and want to catch up, you can watch the replays for a week after the live event.

  • Held Sharing Circles

    Between every few classes we host a held-space sharing circle. This will be held by one of our facilitators, and will include group sharing and smaller breakout rooms. None of the sharing circles are recorded so it feels extra safe.

  • International Teachers

    At LiveTantra we bring together teachers from all over the world. This brings a range of perspectives and styles, so you can receive Tantra teachings in many flavours!

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