I’ve been feeling the truth of this quite strongly lately.

Truth, meaning: not necessarily true in the absolute sense, but “true for me”

In the field of personal development, the endless project of personal growth, the

“I should be further than this by now”-ness that is pervading spiritual circles like oil in the ocean – as well as in the non-dualistic conversation of “oh, just drop it, there is no such thing as the self”…

The Love-Whatever-Arises approach feels like the truest and the most effective way of living at this point.

It is the end of emotional struggle, the dissolution of pushiness, and an “oh, ehm… really??” kind of surprise for the ego that wants to hold us hostage in perpetual never-good-enough-ness.

So what exactly is the Love-Whatever-Arises approach?

Matt Kahn says it beautifully:


I don’t say this as a “conclusion” of any kind. Simply as an open ‘yes’, for now, and an open question:

Is the answer to love whatever we show up as divinely or dysfunctionally human?

Or should we simply drop the story and realize that “there is no me”? And therefore there’s no need to love ourselves, since really, there’s no one here.

What’s your take on this? Would love to hear what you feel, think and say, in a comment below…


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