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My body was trembling. My voice almost got cut off. And, at the same time I felt fully alive and blissful.

My eye caught her leg, I heard myself say: I’m attracted to your thigh, the color and density of your flesh draws me in. I want to touch it and taste it: drink it till I have come underneath your fresh, cool skin and lied down. Warming myself with the deep love inside of you.

Just breathing, with the innocence of a baby.

To hear myself say that, was quite an intense moment. I loved it as well. My friend who I expressed it to, was also in awe when we did the Ritual of Adoration for the first time together. To hear someone express these kind of pearls to you is such a sensation!

And there was even more to come. Wave-after-wave some other beautiful attraction and desire opened. All cells tingling. Sometimes the body just starts moving from the energy that comes from it.

We felt very blessed in both giving and receiving. And from that moment on I committed to doing this ritual frequently. I mastered it and teach it in my groups. 

An ode of adoration 

It is an ode to the partner you’re sharing this with, as well as to life and love. In the ritual, you see how life touches us. 
Being attracted, opening up to desire, and simply feel the adoration for the smallest piece of your partner(s body or radiance) blows you open to love.

Your holidays cannot become ignited more powerful than this!

We love attraction. We are hardwired for it. It makes us feel drawn to something or someone.

Desire comes up. In that desire we can be even more precise in what strikes us so much in the attraction. Sharing that is bringing you closer and more intimate. Setting our hearts easily on fire. It is lovely to be and feel seen. We need that. And, to feel loved and adored.

Welcome to the Ritual of Adoration! 


Tantra doesn’t have to be difficult or far away. Also, around the holidays tantra is a beautiful way of entering a deeper, and more intimate space, to be in. Whether that is with yourself or a beloved.

The only thing you have to do, is to say yes to it. And, create little moments where you can meet and be. And the ground for that: open a state of mind & heart to be more connected to a loving & truthful conscious state.

For me, Tantra needs to fit in daily life. It IS daily life. A way of living from love, truth and awareness. I hear many people struggling with too much too do, too little time and getting caught in the rat-race.

From that way of living: love, meditation, intimacy and sexuality comes to you only maybe. And only when there is time left: if nobody calls you or the kids don’t wake up.

I like to turn it around.
It is the base of  life, and you weave the rest of your life around it: or in it. A much more potent perspective, and pretty easy to do. It is only a mindshift away.

Choose lovely rituals to add to your (love) life and give your holiday a boost.

Rituals.  They can sound like a difficult or uncomfortable thing. Something other people do. 
But in fact, by just really honoring a moment you already create the space of ritual.

Love rituals are a beautiful way to easily tap into a greater understanding of love.  It is like time stands still, and life enters you deeper, and you connect deeper to life and love. 

This is what creates the feeling of having time in your life. What creates spaciousness, more intimacy, love and all what we yearn for.

The Ritual of Adoration is a beautiful example on how to experience more life, and love, by creating intimate moments. What you give, and receive, is full loving attention and delight.

My gift to you is this Ritual of Adoration. Where attraction, desire and adoration meet and fill you up with shivers. Down your spine or up your heart. Works also in summer, spring and fall, try it!

This could be that one gift you both were waiting for for a long time.

A taste of attraction, desire and adoration on video!

In the video you’ll see I’m guiding Maria and Sam through the Ritual of Adoration.

I created it at the Kahjuraho Tantra Temples in India. Just for you! I hope for you to receive the transmission and inspiration from the ancient tantric grounds: where people a thousand years ago had a daily tantric life in large community.
The place has touched me deeply…

Watch the video and read the steps and guidelines on how to create this ritual. And no, I don’t think it’s a coincidence my new given name is Puja: adoration / worship! I love to see the lightest light and juiciest juice in others and honor it deeply and believe in it’s power.

The Ritual of Adoration: attraction, desire and adoration coming together to give you the best gift you could wish for!

11 Steps and guidelines to create this beautiful ritual

1. Pick a nice space where you have an hour without distractions and where you can feel private and comfortable.

  • You can keep it simple with a nice cloth and a cushion to sit on and a candle. Or if you (want to) feel festive, you create a full sacred space, with nice natural incense, some symbols you like to add, rose petals, candles around, soft instrumental music: sensual or angelic.
  • Some Mahjoul Dades or dark Chocolate to share afterwards. Dress less. Keep some skin available. You may adjust as you go along.

2. Use a timer. Phones off. For both turns you set the same amount of time.

3. Commit both to share this full time together, from your heart. Be as open as you can be, simply surrender to the moment. Choose who will start as expresser and as receiver. You sit facing each other.

4.  Sit 2-5 minutes (set timer) with the eyes closed and just sitting in a meditation you follow your own breath in pure simpleness, nothing you have to do but relaxing into the body and into the moment. Feeling how you can let your bodyweight being carried by the earth. You open your eyes again and see each other with new and soft eyes.

  • You set a timer for 15 or 25 minutes. In that time, one starts to express, and one is receiving the expressions.
  • After the timer goes off, you go back to yourself, both closing your eyes, following the breath and feel all sensations that are there in the moment, without pushing some away or pulling some in. Let it come as it comes, life is interesting enough just how it arises!

5. Keep relaxing into your body and breath. Whenever you feel tensed, you forgot to breath in a relaxed way. It is so much nicer to have a relaxed body to ‘work with’, however, stay as real as you can, don’t force it to be anything else than how it comes in the moment. Use and love the truth. That keeps it intimate and real.

We easily contract when things come close. Our mind makes a story on what is happing and we loose the real moment. When you can keep your body and breath open (you could breath with a slight open mouth, that helps), you stay more relaxed and the experience can be fuller and richer and totally mind-blowing.

6. Basically it is a ritual of waiting. You wait till something strikes you: subtle or wildly. And then you fully describe what it is you experience. Use all of your senses. What you see, smell, taste, hear, touch and feel.

  • Also in receiving, you lean back into yourself and wait how all this really touches you. Let yourself be surprised. Let your body fully respond, yet you’re not going into action.
  • When you express, you can feel how much (for example) you would love to play wildly with her hair. You can go and touch the hair, and express your desire fully, just nót bring it into that full action. It is about fully fééling it and verbally expressing it.

7. The things you say:

  • I feel attracted to…/ I find myself attracted to…
  • It makes me want to…
  • It makes me feel…

You can add:

  • I love the…
  • I love how…

You will notice, it will come in waves.  Just follow a new wave over and over again.
Let yourself be fully attracted, allow desire to follow it, and adore the beauty that is being reveiled within all that.

8. After the timer goes off sit back on your own: feel what sensations there are inside you for 2 minutes each.

9. As a receiver you say before you start which body parts you don’t want to be touched. It may change during the ritual, and you may adjust it. Always take care you feel comfortable and can be real, even when there is something a little edgy for you. Edgy is fine! It has excitement in it, it can bring you to new places. Just take care that you can stay relaxed in your core.

10. Don’t create, be real. Let yourself be fully in the moment and see what life has to offer in that specific moment. It is about truth arising and allowing.

11. No matter how you feel before you start, you can just do it. This ritual brings you to an amazing space, beyond all minor daily frustrations, also with the partner you’re doing it with. Actually, Samuel and Maria had a little challenging time together, before we sat down doing the ritual. And look what an amazing gift they both gave and received!

It brings you right back to your heart and love in general.
You are witnessing life’s reflecting in it’s divine work. And if we can see and experience that again… we are melting back into our core state of love.



Do small moments of Adoration each day right into the new year!
So, you see your beloved, friend or sister. Or yourself in the mirror, or looking down at your own body.
You simply follow your breath, and wait a few seconds, just untill that moment comes where you can see beauty rising in whatever form.
You take it in and express it and what it does to you.
Just as simple as that. It gives a lot. It turns ordinairy ratrace life into more tantric life. Expanding in time, awareness and love.

…. The only thing you have to do, is to say yes to it.



Special thanks and love to Anya Andreeva for making the video.
And Maria Ferrer & Samuel Kilby for being the amazing leading couple.



About Puja – Sandra Pijl

ES9A0495Founder & True Lover at Love Art Academy. As a Sensualista and Tantric teacher, she passionately guided many men and women to get into their fullness, heart & power of their masculine & feminine core. She showed them a way to an empowered and embodied life: spirited, fulfilling, intimate. She has been a Tantrika for over 17 years, worked as a holistic psychotherapist & counselor. She loves to deepen the Art of Loving and Conscious, Sacred and Energetic sexuality. With her rich experiences as a careful girl, wild woman and wise lady, she brings a Soulful & Soulsexy way to touch people with her high quality work and with her loving and sparkling personality.
Based in The Netherlands and on Ibiza, she’s traveling and working all over the globe.

To see the lights get turned on in the eyes & bodies of men and women is what thrives her. Her gateway to divine peace and love.