Tantric Sex is well known for being a way to become multi-orgasmic.

What does this mean? Conventional orgasm is usually one in which we build tension around the build up of sexual energy until we can hold it no more. We then release this energy in a big burst (and for men that also includes ejaculating). After the release the sex is often over, because there is no sexual energy left.

Tantra and Taoism offer an alternative. One which not only creates mind-blowing sexual experience, but also is linked to creating altered states of consciousness. The legendary multi-orgasm is the foundation stone of all Tantric Sex methods.

Commonly people say that Tantric Sex is all about not ejaculating. However, the focus is actually more upon keeping the sexual energy in the body and lifting it upwards through the whole body. Non-ejaculation is a side-effect of this type of full-body orgasm. For women too, they can either build up tension and release it through an “explosive orgasm”, or they can let the energy flow up into their whole body and experience full body orgasm or “implosive orgasm.

What are the benefits of Multi-Orgasms?

  1. Sex does not have to end at orgasm. In fact, it just begins!! There is a phrase in Tantric Sex which is called “peaks and valleys”. The sexual experience is a journey which peaks into full body orgasm (a peak). As the orgasm does not release out of the body, the lovers can gently slow into a gentle phase (a valley). They make love in a more deep and subtle way until the next wave naturally arises into the next peak. Love making can continue for extended periods of time, if the couple wish. Also when the couple reconnect again next time, the energy is already active.
  2. orgasmicThere is no loss of energy in a multi-orgasmic experience. When the sexual energy is exploded out of the body, the lovers lose vital life force. They may become immediately tired. But also over time a person can become a lot less vital and alive. Multi-orgasmic experiences on the other hand, actually start to build vitality in the lovers so that over time they become more alive and vibrant.
  3. In multi-orgasmic lovemaking the energy becomes so strong that it guides the lovemaking. This means that the lovers do not have to “do” the lovemaking, but can surrender into it. Such a¬†surrender can create states of ecstasy, bliss and deeper union between the lovers.
  4. Multi-orgasm is thought to be excellent for health and healing. In the Taoist ancient texts they even prescribed different love making methods for different health issues! Because the powerful sexual energy is sent up into the body’s organs and cells, the whole body receives a boost of vitality. A multi-orgasmic person is usually deeply radiant.
  5. When sexual energy is lifted up out of the sexual organs it can enter the heart and chest area. Sometimes at this point the lovers may even begin to weep in bliss for no apparent reason. This is the heart opening that happens when the energy pierces the heart area. It has the benefit of creating deeper intimacy and connection between the lovers.
  6. The mysterious side of Tantra and Taoism is that Tantric Sex can lead to a spiritual experience. If the orgasmic energy lifts into the head area, then the mind expands beyond thought. Such an experience is deeply fulfilling, way beyond merely releasing stress and tension from the body that you get from explosive orgasms. Tantric lovers report many extraordinary spiritual experiences, such as seeing divine qualities in their partner, or dissolving into the whole of Existence.

Once people have moved from explosive orgasms to full body multi-orgasms, it is rare that they would ever want to go back! This foundational aspect of Tantra not only changes the love life, but uplifts emotions and creates opportunity for connection to all that is.


Have you discovered full body orgasm? If so, what changes has it made in your life? Have you noticed any benefits? Or perhaps you tried it and didn’t like it for some reason…we’d love to hear about your experience! Please feel free to post comments below.