Tantra Festival Survival Guide

Q: Do I need a partner to go with?

A: Absolutely not. The workshops are designed that you can work with many partners.

Q: Will I be expected to do wild and crazy things (such as partake in wild orgies)?
A: Festivals are there to serve participants. Therefore you are not expected to do anything you don’t want. Contrary to popular misconception, there is rarely any public sexual activity at these events. Those that do will usually advertise a “play party” which would be optional. Mostly, the exercises are clothes-on. Connection focuses on energy and eye contact.

Q: If we are a couple will we be supported?
A: Many couples go to festivals. It is recommended that couples discuss between them if they wish to do all workshops together or if they want to use the opportunity to exchange partners. It is really up to the individual couples to decide.

Q: Can I go if I’m new to Tantra?
A: Absolutely! Many people choose to explore tantra for the first time at a festival. It is a good opportunity to explore different teachers and styles of teaching.

Q: Will I be emotionally supported?
A: Yes. The festivals have strong support systems of healers, therapists and often “sharing groups” to share your experiences with.

Q: What essential items should I take?
A: Sarongs are very useful, as is massage oil (buy a natural one). Take comfortable clothes to dance in, and something sexy for evening events!

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