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Come with me on a little journey back to 2008… Imagine spring time. Imagine sunshine. Imagine Greenwich park full of happy people…

I was studying in London, halfway through my BA in contemporary dance, and this particular afternoon – just a regular Wednesday – something happened that would shift my way of experiencing sex and orgasm forever.

I had stopped by my beloved at the time and we had just arrived back to his place with bags full of groceries, when we realized that we were actually more hungry for each other than for food…

We started kissing as we slowly tumbled onto the bed. Already heated by the sunshine we didn’t need much time to warm up…

Our bodies wanted out of our clothes and into each other…

Some time into our lovemaking I felt a kind of liquid fire beginning to travel through my body. Warm gold moving through me. A big circle of light.

My body was moving in waves that just kept on rolling…

My boyfriend looked at me and said something like: “Girl… I don’t know what is happening here or how you’re doing it, but it’s amazing! Are you having… an orgasm?…”

I definitely was, and to both of our surprise it kept on going for about half an hour after we’d stopped having sex. And the only reason why I had to stop it was because I had to leave for a dance workshop.


So yes… What just happened there?

Shall I give you a bit of a background story…?

The summer before, in 2007, I had discovered the books and teachings by David Deida, and I was devouring them like raw chocolate truffles, one by one, taking it all in and bringing it into my life.

As I was reading David Deida’s book “The Enlightened Sex Manual – Sexual Skills for the Superior Lover” I came across a really amazing energy circulation practice call the Microcosmic Orbit.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then get your hands on a copy of his book or any book by Mantak Chia – or come to the Orgasmic Bliss Weekend where you’ll learn the Microcosmic Orbit as well as how to have energy breath orgasms.)

At the point of this miraculous Wednesday I has been practicing the Microcosmic Orbit as a daily breath meditation for a few months. Sitting for 10-30 minutes each day, breathing in down the front of my body… drawing the breath all the way down through my heart, belly and into my pussy… and exhaling up my spine, allowing it to rise out through the top of my head.

Occasionally I would play with breathing in up my spine and out down the front. Both ways work – just slightly different effect – so begin with whatever feels easiest for you.

I had also been using the Microcosmic Orbit during sex, without any expectations, and had already experienced that it allowed me to feel more, deeper and longer…

And now it seemed like this particular afternoon, my energetic pipelines were open enough for me to experience the next level of this practice.

In a similar way that water carves its way through dry land, when you first begin with any type of energy circulation practice, only a little trickle will come through at first…

But, when you keep on breathing, opening, paving the way, then gradually the trickle will become a stream – and eventually a fully flowing river.


The equation is actually quite simple:

(Open energy pathways + deep breathing) x lots of arousal = mind-blowing orgasms.
(That’s the kind of maths they don’t teach in school ;)

In other words:

When we introduce a large amount of sexual energy and we’re practiced in circulating the energy throughout our internal circuitry – and have the ability to keep on breathing with it – then there’s not really any upper limit for how long the ecstatic waves can keep on rolling.


My current max is five hours, and I actually have no clue of what is possible here.

Are there any upper limits? Wouldn’t think so.

From the many women and some men I’ve spoken with, who have experienced this, it seems like the reason for stopping the flow isn’t so much that it stops by itself – but that the pleasure is too intense – and it takes a lot of practice and willingness to surrender to keep it flowing.

The Microcosmic Orbit is golden for learning how to conduct the energy.

Now before you go and make a plan for how to “achieve” this: In Tantra we always emphasize that when you let go of the goal of reaching a peak orgasm, then it is über important(!!) that you don’t replace it with the goal of having ‘hour long orgasms’.

So the invitation here is to stay really present in every moment, every touch, every breath.

And the point that I really want to drill home with you, is: the power of the breath, the power of circulating your sexual energy, and the power of the Microcosmic Orbit.

And perhaps most important of all: the power of relaxing and surrendering to the oceanic waves of pleasure and allowing life to move through you.

Come over and practice this live – or DIY at home. ;)

Now over to you:

Have you had any similar experience of sex and breath together? Have you had any powerful experiences with breathwork, pranayama, transformational breathing or the Microcosmic Orbit?

Share your comment here below.

I wish you a wonderful day…

With love and breath,

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Rainbow 2Ronja Sebastian is a Sensual Awakening & Feminine Embodiment expert. She is the founder of the Samasati Women’s Booty Camp, and the Sensual Yogini Online Academy.

She is a certified Tao Tantric Arts teacher of Tantra and Qigong, a professional dancer, masseuse, yogini and passionate world traveller.

She facilitates women’s workshops and mixed retreats around the world.

Currently she’s sharing/teaching about how to wake up to our true nature as pure Awareness/Presence/Consciousness – and how to integrate that into the human experience of embodiment, emotions and relationships… So that we can open to deep love and pleasure while living in a state of freedom no matter the circumstances…

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