Growing up in suburban Australia

I was hungry, for what I did not know..

I looked for it in drugs, hmm… worked for a bit but that was ultimately unsatisfying..i travelled the world, that helped, I did yoga, that also opened something…

soul searching 2In retrospect I realised that I was looking for meaning, for depth, for wildness , for intimacy, for freedom, for an actual full bodied experience of LOVE.

I was bored with the mundane and the materialistic consumerist culture around me. I wasn’t sure why I was here on this earth, if it was only to experience that.

I wanted the mystical,

I wanted to experience next level sex and intimacy,

I wanted to experience something DEEPER.

And I found it ..ahhhh…finally, in Tantra.

What ‘got me’ in tantric practices, were that they took me to the edge of who I believed myself to be, I was challenged, doors were opened, so much opened.

In fact I find Tantra to be ultimately about opening, opening beyond the mind, the past, the fear, the conditioning, the boredom and apathy of the mundane.

DA 3I forget how I even came to Tantra, I think I just started getting drawn into Tantric workshops at festivals, I remember gazing into the eyes of a complete stranger and feeling such immense love for her, I felt us healing each other, without words, just through the space that was opened between us as we opened our hearts and minds, in full presence to each other. It was magic.

Thank god! I found the magic!!

And I continue to..

Tantra shows me that there is always more to know about myself, always more room to expand beyond what I though was possible.

Tantric practices opened up the energetic pathways of my body, my body has become more and more alive, life is never boring. It blows me away constantly.

As someone who facilitates tantric workshops what excites me endlessly is the way that these spaces provide the opportunity to heal issues around intimacy, sexuality and shame. I have witnessed countless healings and my heart has been cracked open by what I have seen, both men and women coming back to who they really are and dropping the burdens that they have carried for so long.

Not only that, Tantra is practical. It offers us skills to navigate our lives and our relationships intelligently and holistically. It guides us to embrace the whole of us and share the whole of us.

Through Tantric workshops I have learnt how to know and communicate my needs, I have learnt how to open myself in trust, to another, and to life.

In Tantra we choose to accept what is, to work with what is, to love what is. In a culture where we are always struggling to be better, tantra allows us the deep pleasure of giving up the fight and working with the crap that prevents us from being free and truly happy.

For those of us looking for MORE then Tantra offers us the golden opportunity to find the sacred, whatever that is to us, in life, in our bodies NOW.

If you have the following questions burning in you then i suggest that you will find the answers to them through the practice of Tantra.

How can I go beyond my fears?

Where can I heal from my wounds from the past?

How can l open myself more to trust?

How can my spirituality meet my needs as a woman??

How can i melt my armour,in a way that feels safe?

Where can men and women go to be empowered??

Wild Sacred FeminineSonja Shradha Devi is a modern day priestess, a devoted Yogini, a Women’s healer, Writer, Coach and experienced teacher of Tao Tantra and Feminine Flow Yoga. She is totally passionate about empowering women to enjoy their bodies and embrace their feminine wisdom, power and sacred sensuality.

Shradha holds Sacred Temple space for women internationally  and shares practices that invite the cultivation of a nourishing, authentic and empowering relationship with embodiment and sexuality. A nomadic gypsy she moves between the east and west sharing the fruits of her own deep journeying in her Wild Sacred Feminine blog, workshops and retreats, coaching programs and one on one sessions.

She is also an assistant teacher with the month-long teacher trainings in Tao Tantric Arts.

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