Four tantric tips on how you can bring love and meaning back into the Christmas experience.

All I want for Christmas is to see beyond the bullshit, and to feel the love. The love that is within, beneath and beyond the whole Christmas hoo haaa.

Whether your Christmas list is full of material goodies, you are merrily humming Christmas jingles, or you feel disillusioned by the bogus Christmas hype (and would rather hide from any sign of it) deep down you relate to my desire. The desire to have a profound experience of being deeply connected with your loved ones, and yourself.


A Very Tantric Christmas: go for the gold 

Deep down you know what it is to live in the spirit of love, just like Jesus was on about. You could call this the tantric Christmas core desire, to feel the love that is at the core of the whole Christmas message. I would love to share with you a few hints, and tips, on how to make your Christmas a next level love celebration, the tantric way.


Tantric Christmas Tip 1. Make a different kind of Christmas list 


What do you REALLY want honey? What is more important than all the gadgets in the world? What makes you feel all warm and cosy inside? What do you yearn for? What are the qualities that you want to base your life around?

Go for gold. Overlook the dross. Make a different kind of Christmas list. List what you really want in your life

For example, your Christmas list could look like this

  • I want to feel like I am apart of a loving community
  • I want to experience depth and intimacy in my relationships.
  • I want to feel relaxed and surrendered and overflowing with love

Bring meaning back to Christmas by making your list of core desires. Go on! Even if you have a short time to do it just reflect on that right now.

Tantric Christmas Tip 2. Create your next level Christmas experience

So now you feel more in touch with what matters it’s time to get creative. Ask yourself:

  • How am I going to bring these qualities in to my Christmas experience?
  • If you wanted to feel more connection with your family/ will you invite that in?
  • If you wanted more intimacy and orgasmic delight, how will you invite that in?
  • If you want to feel abundant, how will you create that experience for yourself this Christmas?



Tantric Christmas Tip 3. Appreciate unashamedly

Whether it made it to your Christmas list or not, you probably want to feel more intimacy with life,  yourself or your loved ones. Why not open the gates for deeper sharing this Christmas by telling three or more people what you love about them, and how they have touched your life.

The more you will open, the more they will open.  And the more openness and love will be flowing. Start the wave yourself by speaking your gratitude and appreciation for the people in your life.


Tantric Christmas Tip 4. Feel the love and celebrate the love 

Here are some suggestions on how to bring pleasure into your Christmas experience.

  • Make Christmas lunch or dinner a full sensory affair. Make a deal that you will not let one mouthful go down without enjoying it TO THE MAX.
  • Have a Christmas Cuddle Puddle. Get everyone to TOUCH, and make a SOUND together.
  • Create a new Christmas ritual. If what you did before didn’t touch you: CHANGE IT! Create a new Christmas ritual which feels GOOD and connects you deeper into the spirit of LOVr.

I hope I have got you a little more excited about Christmas. I know I am: reclaim Christmas and make it a multi dimensional yummy affair, for everyone involved.



About Shradha


Sonja Shradha Devi is a modern day priestess guiding women to embrace their feminine wisdom, power and sacred sensuality. She is a teacher of Sacred Feminine Yoga and the Tao Tantric Arts and a women’s Healer, Coach and Author.

Based in the magical island of Bali she teaches Feminine Empowerment and Sensuality workshops and retreats internationally, in which she facilitates Sacred Temple space for women to heal, transform, nourish and reclaim their natural radiance.

Sonja shares practical wisdom for juicy living through the mediums of her bookscoachingone on one sessions, workshops and retreats. And draws upon the 4 archetypes of the wild sacred feminine to help guide women to embrace their sensual feminine essence and create nourishing lives that meet their deepest needs.