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But what exactly is Tantra?

Possibly the biggest question on people’s lips upon first encountering Tantra is what IS it?

Of course, there are many possible answers. Here at LiveTantra we have distilled an answer from our collective (we are a group of Tantra teachers from around the world). Tantra is a spiritual path that embraces all of life. This includes sex, love and relating. Not only does it embrace all of life, but there is an alchemy to Tantra. When energy is embraced rather than resisted, it rises up through the body. Lower energies transform into a higher more refined forms. Sex fuels love and love blossoms into spiritual ecstasy. As Osho (a Tantra Mystic) says “sex is the seed, love is the flower and spirit is the fragrance.”

How can I learn more Tantra?

So you’ve heard of Tantra. You’ve reached this site, maybe read a few articles. Your taste buds are tingling.

The next question could be: how do I learn?

Tantra is an experiential path, traditionally passed from teacher to disciple, or from practitioner to recipient (in a tantric massage or healing session). Another route is from lover to lover, but this is not something you can look for; either it happens or it does not.

There is a special way of sharing Tantra that is called “transmission”. What this means is that an unspoken teaching is passed. An energetic awakening occurs in the presence of a practiced tantric, if the recipient is open.

However, this does not mean you have to have sex with someone, as is frequently thought! Energy passes through sharing practices and teachings.

It is important not to be in a hurry to get as much as possible! Sometimes people get greedy for energy. But all traditional paths of Tantra have a series of practices and methods to open up the practitioner in safe stages. Energy is like electricity…you do not want to run thousands of volts through a thin wire! It will burn it out! So it is with Tantric energies. One needs to follow careful steps to open to energy and integrate it.

So two aspects are there:

1. A trusted tantra teacher or recommended tantra healer.

2. Time-tested practices.

Here on we are offering articles and media from tantra teachers whom we trust. We are also offering access to some of the practices which are safe to try out at home. This is not a replacement of real-life teachings, but an addition. We know that not everyone can reach a teacher at all times, so this is a support system online to keep you tuned in when you cannot be with a real teacher.

What will Tantra bring me?

This is a paradoxical question as in a metaphysical sense the “me” dissolves into Existence through Tantra!

However, on a more grounded level, there are many reasons people choose tantra and receive benefits from it. these include:

  1. Removing sexual blocks and doing sexual healing, healing to clear past traumas.
  2. Activating sexual energy in a healthy vital way.
  3. Expanding one’s capacity as a lover.
  4. Navigating through relationship issues in a conscious way.
  5. Attracting in a lover whom can support your growth, and you support theirs.
  6. Discovering a spirituality that is grounded into everyday life. Being spiritual whilst fully engaging in life.
  7. Improving relationships with all people in your life, even small interactions.
  8. connecting to universal love and bringing more of that into your life.
  9. Accesses higher states of bliss and consciousness.
Do I need a lover to practice Tantra?

The great news is, you do not need a partner to practice Tantra! That’s great news, because there’s no excuse to wait! All you need is your own willingness…

In fact, in many lineages of Tantra and Tao Sexual Arts, the recommended path is to start alone with your own practices, and only later to share with a partner. Why? Because your sexual energy is not actually dependent upon anyone or anything else. It is actually a life-force energy that you can awaken with special meditations.

If we only ever do sexual practices in pairs, we may never discover the deeper workings of this mysterious energy. We can also form dependencies upon others, which is disempowering. In your own practices you can rediscover this energy as a pure creative force that runs through the universe, and learn how to tap into it and channel it wisely.

What does Tantra have to do with Ejaculation Control?

Ask anyone what Tantric Sex is, and most will say something like “it’s sex without ejaculation that last hours and hours”!

And that’s not far wrong. However it is a simplification.

The point itself is not actually about stopping ejaculation, but about not losing energy and in fact learning to build energy in the body. Tantrics understood ejaculative orgasms as being a loss of sexual energy and thus usually the end of love making. After ejaculation you just roll over and go to sleep!

The alternative is to build the sexual energy and raise it up through the body, leading to multi orgasmic experiences. This bring pleasure and expanded states, and also enables us to make love for as long as we like. Plus there is no exhaustion afterwards!

If you are interested in this, go on over to the section on Tantric Sex and explore the articles we have there.

Are Tantra and Polyamory the same thing?

Polyamory means being open in one’s relationships. This openness may manifest as having multiple partners, or perhaps having different levels of intimacy with more than one person.

Tantra is a spiritual path which uses sexual energy as a fuel for spiritual growth and heart opening.

The two are not the same. Some Tantrics are polyamorous. Some polyamorous people are tantric. But it is not necessarily so.

Tantra is not limited to one relationship style. You may be in a committed monogamous relationship and practice Tantra. You may be in an open relationship and practice Tantra. You may be free as the wind, flitting from lover to lover like a bee on the flowers and practice Tantra. You may even be celibate and practice Tantra! (there are plenty of solo practices you can do).

In Tantra it is not what you do, but the way that you do it! The important thing is not what relationship style you have chosen, but where you have chosen it from. The intention is not to choose from fear (some people choose commitment because they fear freedom; some people choose freedom because they fear commitment!). Choose from love. What relationship style would best serve love in this moment? Let love be your guide.

Is Tantra all about having orgies?

One common misconception is that Tantra is all about wild orgies!

But most Tantra workshops actually contain meditations, breathing techniques, healing tools, therapeutic processes and energy skills. Many workshops you keep your clothes on, apart from in massage.

So why this common misconception?

Tantra raises energy. Those practising tantra often become orgasmic to the point that even breathing together or hugging can activate the movement of orgasmic energy in the body. So in many workshops the practitioners will let their bodies shake with energy, and they may make sounds of pleasure as this happens.

To the untrained eye, this looks very sexual. But in fact it is not sexual in the sense of genital sex. It is more like a very strong aliveness.

For centuries Tantric practitioners have been misunderstood. Those who watch from afar make assumptions that these energetically alive people are all having orgies, when actually they are just open to energy. This aspect of Tantra is very hard to understand without experiencing it.

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