87f9908b1562ee5fb8ca6f1bb36cf81e“If you’re going to have a love affair with the mother, you can’t just have the beautiful aspects, you’ve got to take it all.” 

~ Ram Dass

In tantra there is a saying: No Mud, No Lotus.

Suffering sucks, but it is inevitably part of the deal. Yet still, i’is difficult to embrace and trust life when you’re in pain all the time, and making every attempt to escape through distraction.

Where is the opportunity for growth?

Tantra asks us to take it all in, and see what else there is. How is your pain, irritation and judgment pointing your attention back toward yourself?

What if there was a way you could completely revolutionize your life: some method, some practice that fosters limitless possibility?

What if you could embody joy and fearlessness?

What if you could receive whatever you desire?

Limitless possibility, joy, fearlessness and abundance are all things that become available to you when you wholeheartedly commit to welcoming Tantra into your life.

One of the meanings of the word Tantra is “to weave”. This path is asking you to weave all aspects of your life together: the shadow and the light. How do you actually integrate Tantra into your life? How do you create the possibility of having more joy, less fear and the space to attain everything you desire in less time?

What if …

instead of pushing the pain away,

and settling for less than you deserve,

you actually welcomed it!

What if you used your abundance of pain as fuel for the fire of devotion to your practice and yourself?

What if Tantra was the new yoga?


The beautiful thing about Tantra is that its teachings can be combined seamlessly with your yoga practice.

Practicing asanas (yoga postures) changes your relationship to the past.

Pranayama (breath control) changes your relationship to the present.

Meditation changes your relationship to the future.

In this way, you first address the creation of spaciousness in the body, facilitated by the healing power of presence that is the breath, allowing for the transmission of the prasad of the deeper teachings to effortlessly sink into the fertile soil of the mind and spirit. The seeds of change that are planted through practice will inevitably bear fruit at some point, for none of your efforts go to waste on the road to Self.

I have used these invaluable tools in combination with the teachings of Sri Vidya Tantra over the past eight years. Sri Vidya is a path that reveres the Divine Mother, and the refuge taken in this path has unfailingly led me back to myself every time I have encountered despair and suffering.

How amazing is it that every ounce of pain that I have ever carried in my body and mind has been the ideal nourishment guiding me back toward my inner work?

I have truly come to accept that all of my life’s happenings have been absolutely perfect and divinely timed. I have reached a place of love and acceptance through the fierce grace of Tantra, its beautiful tools, and the loving presence of my teacher.

I have spent the better part of my life so incredibly oppressed by feelings of disconnection, even when in relationship with others. Something was always missing. But, the commitment to this devotional path has allowed me to create enough space to fully receive the love that I always knew existed for me–being stored up like an inheritance just begging to be received.

It’s through the path of Tantra that we unite:

heaven and earth,

sun and moon,

masculine and feminine,

dark and light,

and all the faces of Maa Shakti that exist in this world of duality.

Tantra is a guaranteed path of accelerated growth. We use every aspect of our existence, from the deepest sorrow to the most ecstatic joy, to draw our attention back to the Divine ceaselessly.

Everything is sacred.

We are not denying our sensual bodies and emotional temperaments as many spiritual and religious traditions do. Ultimately, we are held accountable for creating our own reality on this journey. We realize our worthiness of whatever it is that we desire, and pursue it wholeheartedly, knowing it is already ours.

This is a 24/7 kind of deal.

There are no days off. There is no slacking and certainly no time to dwell in states that do not serve us.

Tantra is the path of relentlessly re-framing our reality. It is a way of welcoming infinite joy and possibility with open, loving arms.

Jai Maa!
About Gina

10620337_10204765914046236_2328254050661387964_oGina is a yoga teacher hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has sought refuge in the practices of Yoga and Tantra over the course of the past eight years, and has seriously been blown away by the insane amount of growth and manifestation of heart’s desires that has occurred.

Steeped in humble devotion, she serves to inspire herself and others to live in love, peace and freedom. She strives for all beings to know that, through maintaining a positive vibration and a life immersed in God’s love, that they will never be without.

It is her honor and privilege to be teaching yoga on Bali, and bows in gratitude for grace the mother island constantly bestows. It is her deepest intention that her students gain the awareness to tap into their own healing power. Her purpose is to hold space for a practice that allows all beings to participate in the rise of their own consciousness that will elevate and shift the world.

You can find her writings on the intersection of life, spirituality and relationships on her blog: www.mamabalibliss.com.