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5 ways Transfiguration makes your life more awesome ~ Mangala Holland

Transfiguration is something I’ve been doing ever since I discovered Tantra. It’s sometimes known as both the practice and the goal for Tantrics. Essentially it means to “shine forth”. What it often means in reality is a practice of eye gazing- but that’s just the tip of a very large iceberg. I was in a workshop at a festival recently where we had to do a short Transfiguration with the person sat next to us. There were many people in the room who’d never done it before. Loads of people were having giggling fits and struggling to stay composed. Others ...
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broken heart

How being Single on Valentines Day gave me Gratitude ~ Darshana Avila

I met my last partner on Valentine’s Day. Pretty romantic, isn’t it? It was one of those connections that catch you completely unaware, and yet once we dropped into each others’ eyes and felt each others’ hearts, there was no denying we had magic between us, and many lives worth at that. Needless to say, with that kind of beginning, I was pretty disappointed when we chose to end our relationship just a few weeks before Valentine’s Day a year later. How unromantic! Yet if walking the tantric path has taught me anything, it is to embrace what is. Tantra ...
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vulnerable 3

The Secret of a Transformative Relationship ~ Shashi Solluna

Relationships. I have been on a quest to explore the art of relating. Like many, when it comes to intimate relationships I have known heaven on earth, but also I have tasted hell on earth. That sweet bliss of being in love and sharing experiences with your beloved one. That painful place when you feel separation or disagreement, and all of that love seems to have vanished from sight! Somehow it is even worse to feel separate from someone whom you once could not stop gazing into the eyes of. I find it useful to consider relationships as a process ...
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sexual energy 1

What I have Learned from Ten Years of Tantra ~ Eyal Matsliah

It was exactly ten years ago that I stepped into a Tantra workshop for the very first time – and my life changed forever. By that time in my life, I had already enjoyed some amazing experiences with women and I had always been interested in sexuality. So the Tantra workshop confirmed the meaning of many of my past experiences as well as giving me a framework of ideas and practices that went on to change my life. Now, Tantra is a word that either repels or intrigues people – and often both at the same time! There is just ...
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shedding skin

Make Love, not Walls…

If I were to answer how has Tao Tantra changed my life, I would say this: That the practices and experiences have been helping me to melt down defensiveness and replace it with awakened energy. There was a time that what I called “me” was simply a collection of hard defenses: my shields, my armour, the walls around my heart, the security fence around my yoni, the barriers around my fixed concepts and limiting beliefs. All of those hard edges made me a somebody…they gave a clear definition to the word “me”. Anything that threatened those walls therefore felt like ...
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Sex, Tantra and DMT ~ Matthias Schwent

Our brain is a laboratory of powerful substances that can literally alter our whole perception of reality. Neurotransmitters and hormones in the brain and body can shift our emotional state, our energy levels and our level of consciousness. One very interesting substance that is made naturally in our brain is called DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine). It is also found in the plant medicine ayahuasca, but the amazing thing is it can be naturally manufactured inside the human brain! It is released when we are being born and also when we die. Therefore, it has a power of altering consciousness. Sometimes it is ...
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pinned down

How Tantric Lovemaking can Open a Man ~ Eugene Hedlund

This is my raw truth This is most vulnerable thing I could share right now. I feel I am quite open and transparent in my openness around sexuality, but I have never felt cause to share particular details, as that would feel gratuitous and egoistic. I share this story to celebrate and open the possibility for profound healing for all, men and women around sexual shame, worthiness and capacity to receive pleasure. In the tantric arts we learn tools for moving energy, releasing blocks, limiting beliefs and wounds in the energetic, emotional and physical body. I have experienced some of ...
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DA 3

How Tantra Revolutionized my Life ~ Sonja Shradha Devi

Growing up in suburban Australia I was hungry, for what I did not know.. I looked for it in drugs, hmm... worked for a bit but that was ultimately unsatisfying..i travelled the world, that helped, I did yoga, that also opened something… In retrospect I realised that I was looking for meaning, for depth, for wildness , for intimacy, for freedom, for an actual full bodied experience of LOVE. I was bored with the mundane and the materialistic consumerist culture around me. I wasn’t sure why I was here on this earth, if it was only to experience that. I ...
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Are we in the midst of a Tantric Reawakening? ~ Shashi Solluna

As I read an excellent and thorough account of Tantric history in a book on my Kindle, it crosses my mind that we are currently in the midst of a new history writing itself. A new history, you ask? What I mean is that what is unfolding now will one day become history to others, and thus we are in the creation of history writing itself. Sometimes the scholars of Tantra dismiss modern practices and Neo-Tantra as not being Tantric. Modern-day tantrics may dance around to techno to awaken their kundalini-shakti, or practice conscious communication to heal relationship issues. This ...
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Ronja Sebastian on Kehena Beach

Oceanic Waves of Pleasure (and How to Access ‘No Upper Limits’ Orgasms…) ~ Ronja Sebastian

Come with me on a little journey back to 2008… Imagine spring time. Imagine sunshine. Imagine Greenwich park full of happy people… I was studying in London, halfway through my BA in contemporary dance, and this particular afternoon – just a regular Wednesday – something happened that would shift my way of experiencing sex and orgasm forever. I had stopped by my beloved at the time and we had just arrived back to his place with bags full of groceries, when we realized that we were actually more hungry for each other than for food… We started kissing as we ...
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sex fear

Three Tantric Tips to Open to New Experiences ~ Shashi Solluna

A few years ago I decided to embrace new things. I noticed that I had a self-concept of the kinds of things that I do and don't do...So I decided to climb out of my own box and try new things. Consciously. I wanted to know how to let new experiences open me up, without getting overwhelmed by fear. Tantra sees the world in terms of energy. We seek things out for the energy that they could bring us. We are attracted to lovers with a certain energy that awakens some part of us. We go to places, eat foods ...
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A Love Affair with the Divine Mother: a 24/7 kind of thing. ~ Gina Rodondi

"If you’re going to have a love affair with the mother, you can’t just have the beautiful aspects, you’ve got to take it all." ~ Ram Dass In tantra there is a saying: No Mud, No Lotus. Suffering sucks, but it is inevitably part of the deal. Yet still, i’is difficult to embrace and trust life when you're in pain all the time, and making every attempt to escape through distraction. Where is the opportunity for growth? Tantra asks us to take it all in, and see what else there is. How is your pain, irritation and judgment pointing your ...
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The Gift of Adoration: the one gift you have been waiting for. ~ Sandra Pijl

My body was trembling. My voice almost got cut off. And, at the same time I felt fully alive and blissful. My eye caught her leg, I heard myself say: I’m attracted to your thigh, the color and density of your flesh draws me in. I want to touch it and taste it: drink it till I have come underneath your fresh, cool skin and lied down. Warming myself with the deep love inside of you. Just breathing, with the innocence of a baby. To hear myself say that, was quite an intense moment. I loved it as well. My ...
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How to Give a Sensual Awakening to your Lover this Christmas! ~ Shashi Solluna

We all long for intimacy and connection, but hours spent on the computer and working all week long can be a real connection-killer. Once the holidays come along, many people just want to zone out in front of a movie, or perhaps they can’t switch off so they work Facebook as if it's their full-time job. And before you know it, the holidays have passed and barely a kiss was passed between lovers. Not a very juicy Christmas! Tantra offers ways to open the senses and thus activate our sensual nature once more. Once activated, sensuality naturally stimulates the energy ...
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3 Keys to Receiving the Gift of Tantric Lovemaking ~ Darshana Avila

The gift I would most love to give you, just in time for the holidays, is this little gem. If there is one thing I could share with you about tantric lovemaking it is that giving is only half the equation. Learning how to fully receive is sure to transform your lovemaking from mundane to magical. Nothing turns me on more than a lover's openness to the flow of my energy no matter how I express it. This quality in a man calls forth my profound devotion. The most intoxicating elixir I know of is to feel him create space ...
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The Gift of a Woman’s Tears: the power of presence in life and lovemaking. ~ Amitayus

If there is one thing I wish I knew when I was younger it is is that a woman’s tears are a gift. I used to be afraid of a woman’s tears. It didn’t matter if it was a friend, family member or girlfriend. As a boy, until I was about 27 years old, my reaction to a woman’s tears was to try to do anything to make them stop: comfort her, reason with her, hand her a tissue, whatever I felt would calm her down as quickly as possible. Her tears, the visible manifestation of her emotions, made me ...
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The Pure Gift: celebrating winter solstice the tantric way. ~ Raffaello Manacorda

As Christmas approaches we are filled with messages regarding giving and receiving gifts. The commercial frenzy that develops around Christmas can be chaotic, but there is something about giving and receiving gifts that can inspire us around the holidays. I have to admit that I am not a great fan of the whole Christmas “gift giving” hype. I find it a bit disturbing when I see rivers of people invading the shopping districts, tantalized by shrilling jingles and dazzling light. The red and white colors of Coca-Cola reigning over the whole scene. Personally, I will instead celebrate the winter solstice ...
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The Sexiest, Most Selfish Way to Give and Receive ~ Garrison Cohen

I want to offer you a completely selfish perspective on giving and receiving. In fact, if you take this on today it could completely change your life and make you happier and sexier (way sexier). Curious? Many of us have been taught to never put our own needs before the needs of others. In fact, a lot of people consider it selfish to put time, money and energy into doing things for ourselves. This lack of self care is an old and outdated model that we’ve inherited from older generations. So, while it’s an admirable perspective it’s also ironically shortsighted ...
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All I Want for Christmas is to Feel the LOVE ~ Sonja Shradha Devi

Four tantric tips on how you can bring love and meaning back into the Christmas experience. All I want for Christmas is to see beyond the bullshit, and to feel the love. The love that is within, beneath and beyond the whole Christmas hoo haaa. Whether your Christmas list is full of material goodies, you are merrily humming Christmas jingles, or you feel disillusioned by the bogus Christmas hype (and would rather hide from any sign of it) deep down you relate to my desire. The desire to have a profound experience of being deeply connected with your loved ones, ...
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xmas gifts

Why Love Doesn’t Fit into a Gift Box ~ Eugene Hedlund

This is a story of heartbreak around the holidays. Take it from me the infinite essence and expression of love doesn't fit into a beautifully wrapped present. I was over the moon in love. You know the feeling. I was also doing very well financially. So I showered an array of expensive gifts upon my beloved. She returned them with a note that she could not live in my world. She was gone. I was Heartbroken. I resigned myself to never giving gifts again. The gift-giving holiday season is upon you. You may be feeling pressure to buy the perfect ...
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Erotic Innocence and Sensual Prayers to Shiva: the tantric way to find freedom in sexual  expression. ~ Aida Lucie

You may think that the only way to have sacred sex is to sit in yab yum position, gaze into your partner’s eyes and have slow sex for hours and hours. I know that was my idea of Tantra before I started exploring it. My preconceived notions of how tantric sex “should be” limited my sexual expression. I felt frustrated. My fear of being judged as “too sexual” was holding me back from expressing myself freely. I received a big blessing. I began exploring tantra with an experienced lover. He held a really safe space for me to go deep ...
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How to Help Your Man Last Longer in Bed. ~ Sofia Sundari

A woman needs at least 30 - 40 minutes of lovemaking to come close to those really deep, vaginal and full body orgasms. Yet, statistic says that the length of an average intercourse is 9,5 minutes. Oops! Lovemaking for the majority of couples in this world ends with a man’s ejaculation. In tantra men are advised not to ejaculate at all, and learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation. Even if your man chooses to ejaculate 9.5 minutes is definitely way too short for a woman to be able to have an orgasm. Now let’s see if there is anything we ...
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Yab Yum: the Tantric Posture

Google the word “tantra” under images, and it won’t take you too long to find an image of a God and Goddess sat in a special posture called “Yab-Yum”. Often a large Buddha-like man with a smaller Dakini woman sat in his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist. Not only is this a posture seen in ancient tantric artwork, but it is also something you will very likely experience before too long if you go to a Tantra workshop... But what is “Yab-Yum” and what’s it all about? Yab-Yum is the symbol of divine union. It is the posture ...
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shameless pleasure chocolate

Shameless Pleasure

What It Is & Why You Need It. There is no one around and deep inside, you feel a powerful urge to express the depth of your ache. You ache for deep, fulfilling pleasure and you want it now! Scenario One: You reach for your hidden stash of chocolate and with trembling fingers, rip open the wrapper to reveal the silky, forbidden darkness. As you bring it to your lips, your mouth is flooded with a gush of saliva. One bite and your eyes roll back into your head, you are filled with pulsing delight. Scenario Two: You start to ...
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ejac control

The Truth about Ejaculation Control

Mention the word “tantra”, and the first associations are usually about love-making that lasts for hours and men who don’t ejaculate. I am so often asked “is it true that tantric men never ejaculate?”. There is a huge fascination around this topic, and also some misunderstandings. So just what is it all about? Indeed, it is true. In classical Tantra and also Taoist Tantra, there are plenty of teachings about no longer ejaculating. This often seems like a horror to men who enjoy regular release of their seed. But what is often not mentioned is that tantric semen retention (“Brahmachariya”) ...
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DA 4

The Beginner’s Guide to Types of Tantra

So you are drawn to the world of Tantra? You have heard about working with sexual energy or opening to love, and want to know more? Or perhaps you have a spiritual practice such as yoga and you want to know how to integrate it into your everyday life and relationships? So where on earth to start? Google “tantra” and you will be met with a range of offerings from seedy-looking sexual videos to yogis wearing white and sitting in meditation. You may have heard stories of dodgy sex gurus or wild orgies, and that may not be what you ...
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Tantric Massage

10 Keys to Giving a Sensual Magical Massage ~ Ronja Sebastian

Receiving massage lowers stress, floods your body with feel-good hormones, acts as a beauty boost, slows down aging, relaxes you deeply (and can even make you a better lover!)... Pretty much everyone loves receiving a great massage, but the question is: how do you give a magical massage? Fear not, I've got you covered. Read on, and enjoy... **Click on the + to reveal each key** Perhaps this goes without saying but the setting is über important. If the room is too cold or the light too bright, your receiving man or woman will be uncomfortable no matter how amazing ...
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Move into Tantric Love-Making

"Pray with your woman, sing with your woman, play with your woman, dance with your woman, with no idea of sex.
 Don’t go on thinking, when are we going to bed? Forget about it. Do something else and get lost into it. And some day Love will arise out of that being lost. Suddenly, you will see that you are making love and you are not making it. It is happening. You are possessed by it. Then you have your first Tantra experience, possessed by something bigger than you. You were dancing or you were singing together or you were ...
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What Does it Mean to Live Tantra?

The word tantra comes from India and Tibet. It is the science and the art of being alive, based on practices that consciously explore life experientially. This practical exploration covers: What does it mean to be a man? to be a woman? how can men and women really meet? What is the depth of love? what is the height of sex? How to create a fulfilling relationship without fear of rejection while staying true to yourself? What is god/spirit? What is death and how can it have meaning? Desire, passion, pleasure – are they selfish or can they be spiritual? ...
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Making Sex Sacred – 7 Steps to Sensual Bliss

Women. At the end of the day, don’t we all just want to feel truly radiantly alive? Do we not yearn to be sensuously expressed and physically held in the presence of love? Don’t we crave the experience of being deeply met and celebrated, and blissfully merged with our true selves, with our partners, and with life? And really - is that all too much to ask? Do we really need to settle for mediocre sex? Is this sneaky feeling that life and sex could be a whole lot more amazing and cosmic than what we may have experienced, a ...
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Tantric breath

Orgasm Redefined

Or-gasm noun \ˈȯr-ˌga-zəm\ Intense or paroxysmal excitement; especially : an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the height of sexual arousal that is usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen in the male and by vaginal contractions in the female. “Paroxysmal excitement”? Hmm… How would you define the experience of an ‘orgasm’? What does it mean to you? Does the word ‘orgasm’ evoke feelings of joy, excitement and relaxed openness? Or does it feel like a burden, something to do, something to “achieve”? Are you a woman who “orgasms easily”? Or does having an orgasm feel about as easy as ...
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Inner Child small feet

The Love-Whatever-Arises Approach

I’ve been feeling the truth of this quite strongly lately. Truth, meaning: not necessarily true in the absolute sense, but "true for me" In the field of personal development, the endless project of personal growth, the “I should be further than this by now”-ness that is pervading spiritual circles like oil in the ocean – as well as in the non-dualistic conversation of “oh, just drop it, there is no such thing as the self”… The Love-Whatever-Arises approach feels like the truest and the most effective way of living at this point. It is the end of emotional struggle, the ...
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What is a Tantric Relationship?

A relationship is a container for intimacy. It is what holds space for our intimate connections. There are many possibilities of what shape or form that container could take, and this depends largely upon the intention of the couple in the relationship. Of course in Tantra many of the usual reasons for relating may be there: to create a space for deeper intimacy, to nourish love, to have a companion and perhaps to build a family. But a tantric relationship often has an extra element to it: In Tantra, relationship can be seen as a vehicle for spiritual growth. What ...
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Woman at climax: Couple having sexual intercourse

Six Benefits of Becoming Multi-Orgasmic

Tantric Sex is well known for being a way to become multi-orgasmic. What does this mean? Conventional orgasm is usually one in which we build tension around the build up of sexual energy until we can hold it no more. We then release this energy in a big burst (and for men that also includes ejaculating). After the release the sex is often over, because there is no sexual energy left. Tantra and Taoism offer an alternative. One which not only creates mind-blowing sexual experience, but also is linked to creating altered states of consciousness. The legendary multi-orgasm is the ...
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5 Steps to Find a Genuine Tantra Massage

Just like the word Tantra, there are many misunderstandings and misuses of the term “tantra massage”. In many minds this conjures up instantly a massage with a “happy ending”, or in other words a sexual release. Of course there are people calling their massage “tantra massage” and doing exactly this, and so it is not entirely surprising for this wide-spread belief!! However, the role of massage in the path of Tantra can be much deeper and more profound. A massage given for sexual pleasure could more accurately be called an “erotic massage”, leaving the term “tantra massage” to encompass another ...
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